Field Tools for Vista™ by Viewpoint

Extend your investment in Vista Project Management and increase your team collaboration with Keystyle Field Tools. With these targeted modules, project teams can review, capture, and communicate job activities with the confidence that all their work is captured in Vista. No syncing or custom bridges needed - all these tools save directly to the corresponding forms in Vista.

Daily Logs

Capture all site events right to Vista

Keeping records about the project including site conditions, sub-contractor work, visitors, equipment, conversations, and activities is critical to documenting daily activities. Project teams can capture this information on the web and store it in Vista. The best part is, project teams can capture all the data as they walk the site by recording their voice while the mobile device transcribes it onto the form. As an added benefit, the daily report will be transformed from scribbles to professionally crafted reports.

Keystyle's Daily Logs module is the most complete and tightly integrated product available for Vista daily reporting. Integration is important, and they got it right. Their knowledge of Vista really shows in their products. It has been extremely valuable for our field teams to have an accessible, responsive, easy-to-use interface for entering reports. We’ve been experiencing much greater reporting compliance after implementing their portal.

Adam Vella - IT Manager, Auld & White Constructors

Safety Checklists

Create customized checklists to track safety plans

Walk the site and record findings in customizable checklists. Project teams can create templates that pull data directly from Vista (Phases, Jobs, Equipment, etc.). Using the template builder, teams can design the checklist layout and response types. They can even create a rating system that shows up on the checklist dashboard.

This module is also fully integrated with mobile image capture, allowing teams to snap and attach a picture of any issue they see. All checklists can be exported to reports, emailed via the web, and downloaded to Microsoft Excel.

Progress Entry

Capture daily production directly from the field

Progress entry allows users to record units completed real time on the web. This means foreman, superintendants, and other users can quickly record the work done in a day and have that data update all the reports in Vista.

With this data, managers can review productivity by crew, outstanding units to complete on a job, and units to be billed. Taking advantage of this workflow, units complete are captured in the field and when its time to bill, progress billing is initialized allowing for accurate billing.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Receiving

The best place and time to receive materials is as soon as they are delivered. Using the Purchase Order receiving module, users can record units delivered, capture images of the receiving ticket, and post the data directly to Vista. All this can be done right from a mobile device.

Purchase Order Quick Create

Getting a purchase order on the go can be a hassle. PO Quick create is designed to allow users to get a PO from Vista in seconds. User can later modify the purchase order and add costing information. All these modifications can be done on the go on mobile devices.

Purchase Order Dashboard

The Purchase Order dashboard allows users to manage the entire purchase order workflow. Portal users can select jobs they have access to and review all the PO that are assigned to it. The dashboard displays the actual cost, committed cost, and remaining committed costs. Users can also download a pdf of the purchase order.

In addition to purchase order review, user can create purchase orders, purchase order requests (requisitions), and material requests. Administrators can assign different roles to users to ensure that users only have access to the functions assigned.

New purchase order creation enables users to create purchase order headers with cost detail, posted directly to Vista. Supported cost line types include Job, Inventory, Expense, Equipment, and Work Order. Users can choose information from any of the dropdown fields and pull directly from the Vista lookups. When finished, users can click submit to validate and post the purchase order batch in Vista.

Purchase Order requests (requisitions) can also be entered into the portal. By entering header information and cost information, users are able to submit requests that can be reviewed by a purchasing department before a PO is issued.

Material orders can be entered when users wish to take advantage of the Inventory module in Vista. These orders are written against jobs and costed accordingly.

Purchase Agent Dashboard

Purchasing departments now have a one stop location to review all purchase order requests. From this dashboard, the purchasing agent can bundle multiple purchase order requisitions into a single purchase order. Using the filter tools, agents can quickly find and group together the requests as needed. They can also apply unit costs and select a vendor before creating the purchase order.

Project Issues

Log, communicate, and resolve jobsite issues

Walking the jobsite often reveals possible issues that need to be recorded and tracked. This module allows these issues to be captured on a mobile device in real time. Users can record notes via voice about the issue and take images directly in the field. The data is saved directly to Vista’s PM Project Issues.

Project teams can review issues on a grid to ensure all exposures are managed properly. If required, teams can convert the issue in Vista to an RFI or change order for further processing.

Billing Compiler

Bring together billing documents, job cost detail, and attachments into one billing package

The billing compile makes creating a bill package a snap. You can take the G702 and G703 and combine them with a cover sheet of job cost detail showing your owners exactly what the costs for the billing period were. The compiler also attaches all associated attachments behind each of the respective phase codes (AP invoices, Receipts, Job Cost Adjustments, etc).

No more spending hours collecting, collating, and combining job cost documents together. Take advantage of all the paperless work the team has already done and create bid packages in minutes.

Keystyle Data Solution’s Billing Compiler has significantly reduced the time and effort involved in generating invoices, combining reports, and gathering associated backup attachments with Cost Plus or T&M jobs. It has cut our billing time on T&M jobs down 60%. Now that we’ve used this significantly – it would be hard to imagine living without it.

Adam Vella - IT Manager, Auld & White Constructors

Open Billing Review

Track, comment, and review open contract billings

Project teams now have high visibility to contract billings via Open Billing Review. This module allows the project teams to group, sort, and review all invoices assigned to jobs they manage. Project members can comment and track all open billings. All comments are stored directly in Vista’s AR Credit Notes form. Accounting will see all notes on the contracts with a log showing which member of the project team is tracking the invoice down. Open up the communication channels!

Job Allocations

Manage job personnel assignments

Looking for a realistic way to track which employees are working on a job? Our Job Allocation module provide a quick grid to associate one or more employees with a given job. These association can then be used to:

  • restrict the jobs that a given employee can charge to
  • populate job site directory reports
  • provide job information on employee profiles
  • build employees resumes and skills
  • feed capacity planning metrics based on employee assignments and job dates

As an option, the portal can automated the job security connection in Vista; as you assign employees to jobs, their job security is automatically updated.


Track Usage and Maintenance for Equipment

As projects multiply, keeping track of equipment and assets is key to maintaining productivity and preventing losses in the field. The Equipment tools in the Keystyle portal extend your EM data from Vista directly to the field. Search for any piece of equipment in the Vista database and view location, identifying information, and meter readings. Transfer equipment individually or in bulk, update mileage and workhour meters, and manage Mechanics Work Orders pre-populated with the equipment’s information. Work Orders can be created, viewed, edited, and closed, allowing service crews to coordinate and record maintenance and repairs.

Daily Huddles

Build, Distribute, and Record Employee Training Online

Ongoing education and training keeps employees up-to-date and reduces delays, accidents, and injuries on the job. Daily Huddles bring the expertise and experience of safety professionals to the field, allowing administrators to build talking points, construct meeting guidelines, and push these Huddles out to supervisors in the field. Foremen schedule and deliver Daily Huddles to crews in the field with each talking point presented onscreen whether a document, picture, or video. Supervisors record employee attendance and signatures directly in the Daily Huddle for record-keeping and compliance, and Daily Huddle records are stored for later review. Daily Huddle reports including all talking points and employee signatures are automatically generated for download or printing.