Employee Self Service Portal for Vista™ by Viewpoint

Empower your employees with a secure, efficient, and mobile-friendly environment to view paystubs & other earning information, fill out their timecard, request time-off, and update their personal information. Your employees will appreciate the unified, easy-to-use interface, and your HR and Payroll staff will appreciate the efficiencies of direct Vista integration.


Give employees 24/7 access to their earnings documents

Employees can view their past paystubs, timecards, 1095C, and W-2's (or T-4's in Canada) in a secure web environment. This functionality is built right on top of your existing Viewpoint processes - you won't have to make any changes to your payroll process to enable this portal!

It's likely that your paystubs will be available retroactively, meaning that paystubs from before portal implementation will be available for your employees. Employees can retrieve documents by date range and even download multiple payroll documents at the same time.

Update Personal Information

Allow employees to submit updates to their personal information

Want to cut down on the administrative effort in keeping your employees' information current? The "Personal Info" module provides a structured means for your employees to view and request updates to their personal information in Viewpoint.

It integrates directly with the PR Employee Master and HR Resource Master, with auditing & approval workflows, and field by field customization - it even works with your user defined (UD) fields! Easily handle address changes, W-4 updates, cell phones and email address changes, and much more.

The construction industry is notorious for being behind with technology so searching for an employee portal seemed impossible. Finding the Keystyle Integrated Web Portal was a huge discovery for us. Allowing our employees to access a self-servicing portal relieved a huge burden from our HR and Payroll departments not to mention it was one of our quickest ROI projects to date.

Chris Smith - Director of IT, Brayman Construction Corporation

Time Off

Manage time-off on the web – no more spreadsheets

Simplify the time-off request and approval process. Leveraging Viewpoint's leave code balances and accrual framework, the Employee Information portal adds the missing pieces to keep the vacation tracking process within Viewpoint and eliminate the manual request forms or outside systems that don't tie into your Viewpoint data. Our easy to use Request Calendar allows you to request time-off by simply clicking the days you'd like to request, choosing a leave code to deduct from, and clicking Submit!

We also have optional support for vacation cash-out, non-paid leave if applicable.

Migrating our vacation and sick time off requests to the KDS portal has completely eliminated our archaic paper based workflow, saving our Payroll department countless hours of trying to balance missing hours. It also allows our employees to better manage their accrued time off by projecting future time off balances. We are extremely pleased with this module and the entire KDS portal solution.

Aaron Silberberg - Project Coordinator, KS Industries


Enter time via the web directly to Vista

Easily enter time directly into a PR Timecard Entry batch in Viewpoint. The columns shown are editable by Company and PR Group, allowing for extensive customization to match the correct data fields with the different groups of employees in your organization. Lookup values pull directly from Viewpoint - you never have to worry about phases and jobs being out of sync with your current lists.

The portal has flexible submission and approval workflows that link directly in with your HQ Reviewer Groups. You can also clone a previous week's timecard to immediately pre-fill your current timecard.

Our individual timecard entry is also compatibile with both Service Management (SM) and Mechanics lines types. You can also add user defined fields from your PR Timecard Entry form directly to the portal!

The KDS Employee Portal, specifically the timecard module, helped us to transition to Vista smoothly and efficiently. As we like to say now - thanks to Keystyle, we are out of the Stone Age, finally!

Samra Bubalo - Senior Accountant, Bernards

Crew Timecard

Bulk enter time in a customizable grid

Our Crew Timecard is another option for timecard entry that's optimized for foreman input for multiple employees. This is our version of a 'Pivot Table' timesheet - simply select the fields you'd like to display in rows, columns, and values - and watch your custom timecard come to life.

Our Crew Timecard enters directly into a PR Timecard Entry Batch, similar to our Individual Timecard - and shares the same flexible submission and approval workflows.


Paperless benefit administration

Take advantage of your Vista HR Benefit setup by extending your data to the web. Employees can review their current elections, submit life event changes, and complete open enrollment. The review process guides employees through an easy 4 step process:

  1. Verify personal information
  2. Update and confirm dependents
  3. Review available plan offerings and elections
  4. Finalize selections, sign the form, and submit for approval

Benefit elections have full integration with Vista’s deduction amounts per option allowing employees to view the associated costs for their choices.

Benefit Administrators can use dashboard tools to review the enrollment status of their employees and ensure submission is completed. Upon review of submitted benefit changes, administrators can approve or reject requests. The approved elections automatically update the Vista HR Resource Benefits tab with the correct deduction and liability amounts. It even updates ACA history!

Using Keystyle for our benefits enrollment really streamlined the process. Our mobile workforce was able to efficiently elect benefits through the portal, saving loads of paper and time. The Keystyle team was responsive in helping us design, devlop and implement our enrollment process. We felt like partners rather than just customers.

Jeff Pyles - HR Manager, FHG Inc.

Training and Skills

Extend Training and Skills To Employees

Allow employees to login and review the skills and training they have taken. This tool lets employees realize what they have and have not completed. Administrators can also review the skills and training, and can add and update training records directly from the portal - including attachments and photographs of certificates.

The human resources department can further extend training by setting up career paths within Vista. These plans can be configured by setting up position codes and assigning the proper skills and trainings to them. Employees can then select the different paths they are assigned to and review the steps they need to take to progress in their career.

Document Library

Distribute and track documents, bulletins, and training material

Company documents can be difficult to distribute, categories, and track - especially when signatures are required. Take your documents to the digital environment with the Document Library. Administrators can easily publish company handbooks, employee notices, bulletins, department documentation, and a variety of other documents.

These documents can be distributed and tracked using the following distribution options:

  • Company Bulletin, shown on the front page as employees log in
  • Document, requiring employee acknowledgement
  • Document, requiring electronic signature
  • Library Item, categorized resources for your employees
When a signature is required, employees can digitally sign the document on any web enabled device (smart phones, tablets, PC). Administrators can review a grid to track the signing status of the document. This grid can be exported to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis.

Administrators can also create library categories and categorize documents for employees to review. Common categories include department setups such as Estimating, Operations, Accounting, and Human Resources. With the dynamic user group "builder", administrators can pinpoint exactly who should be seeing and receiving the documents.

Report Dashboard

Access Reports From the Portal

The document library allows users to tap into their SSRS library and run any report that they have access too. Administrators can give users access to reports and allow them to modify parameter or they can preset the parameters for the user.

Extend the data from Vista by Viewpoint to mobile devices and run reports from anywhere. Simplify the reporting process and even allow for drilldown.