Office Tools for Vistaâ„¢ by Viewpoint

Simplify business tasks by extending your Vista data to the web. These tools make approving AP Invoices, reviewing checks, and routing department requests simple by bringing key Vista data and attachment images together on to a single page.

AP Unapproved Invoice Review

Mobile friendly invoice approval on a single screen

The Keystyle AP Unapproved Invoice Review Portal extends the native Vista approval process with an easy to use web-based interface for accelerated invoice review and approval. Reviewers can login to the portal on any device that supports web viewing to complete the review process (iPhone, Android, PC).

The review process starts at the AP Invoice index, which gives reviewers a complete look at all unapproved invoices for all companies. Clicking any invoice drills down to the invoice detail information, including the invoice images on screen. Reviewers have the ability to approve, reject, and comment on invoices. If administration allows, reviewers can even code invoices, add line items, and add attachments.

Approving invoices through the KDS Portal is such an improvement! It has provided a much nicer interface for our end users and added time savings for our Project Management team, especially when approving invoices from the field.

Suzie Helmsworth - Business Systems Analyst, Sukut Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

How do approvers access the portal?
The portal is accessed via a web link that can be added to your standard Viewpoint AP Unapproved workflow notifier. You can also add a link to your company intranet, or even within Viewpoint! Approvers can click on the link, log in and immediately see the pending invoices that are awaiting their review.

Does the Keystyle portal consume a Viewpoint license?
No, since the reviewer is not logging into Viewpoint, no license is consumed.

Can I use the portal and the standard Viewpoint form side-by-side?
Yes, our portal integrates with the standard Vista logic, so you can use either the web-based review or standard form without any conflict.

Where do the images come from?
The invoice images are pulled from all Viewpoint attachments on the AP Unapproved Invoice header or detail items, as well as any attachments from associated POs. If there are multiple attachments on an invoice, you can navigate through them on-screen.

How is the portal licensed?
The portal follows a subscription-based model, licensed per reviewer / month. There is no up front implementation or set up cost. For a quote, please contact us.

Can I review from a mobile device?
Yes! The portal is built as a mobile-friendly web application and works great on iOS and Andriod devices.

What is the typical implementation time?
If you're familiar with the AP Unapproved Invoice process in Viewpoint, the portal is a bolt-on upgrade. It can be up and running in as quickly as a few hours. If you're new to the unapproved invoice process in Viewpoint, we're happy to help you get the workflow and reviewer groups up and running as part of the portal implementation.

AP Check Review

Check validation made easy and digital

Our AP Invoice Review module allows controllers, auditors, and accountants, the ability to input a check range and instantly view the associated invoice and check images, vendor details, and reviewer history.

  • Input a Check Range and Immediately View Associated Invoices
  • Single Screen to Reduce Clicks & Maximize Efficiency
  • View Reviewers and Check Image
  • Integrates Directly With Your Vista Data

No longer did our A/P team need to pre-sort paper invoices in the same check run sequence to affectively approve and sign weekly checks. Now, we simply enter a check run sequence and click through with confidence. Having the actual check images available in the portal is an added bonus that will finally allow us to complete transition to a completely paperless check and invoice environment.

Scott Shepherd - Controller, Broadway Mechanical Comapany

Manage Department Requests

Submit, review, and resolve employee requests

Need to track requests made to different departments? Customer service is always important, even when it's between internal departments. This module allows employees to submit requests by department, giving the requester a clear picture of the request status, and the assignee an overall grid to better prioritize and take action.

Department personal have the ability to view the request on a dashboard, assign it to a member of their team, add and edit details, and mark the request as complete.