In addition to our core modules, Keystyle also offers some powerful add-ons designed to solve specific business processes. All these solutions fit into the larger Keystyle portal framework and can be enabled at any time.

Document Library

Distribute and track documents, bulletins, and training material

Company documents can be difficult to distribute, categories, and track - especially when signatures are required. Take your documents to the digital environment with the Document Library. Administrators can easily publish company handbooks, employee notices, bulletins, department documentation, and a variety of other documents.

These documents can be distributed and tracked using the following distribution options:

  • Company Bulletin, shown on the front page as employees log in
  • Document, requiring employee acknowledgement
  • Document, requiring electronic signature
  • Library Item, categorized resources for your employees
When a signature is required, employees can digitally sign the document on any web enabled device (smart phones, tablets, PC). Administrators can review a grid to track the signing status of the document. This grid can be exported to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis.

Administrators can also create library categories and categorize documents for employees to review. Common categories include department setups such as Estimating, Operations, Accounting, and Human Resources. With the dynamic user group "builder", administrators can pinpoint exactly who should be seeing and receiving the documents.

Report Dashboard

Access Reports From the Portal

The document library allows users to tap into their SSRS library and run any report that they have access too. Administrators can give users access to reports and allow them to modify parameter or they can preset the parameters for the user.

Extend the data from Vista by Viewpoint to mobile devices and run reports from anywhere. Simplify the reporting process and even allow for drilldown.

Timecard Safety Net

Accidentally clear your batch?

The loss of timecard data during payroll crunch-time can be devastating. In fast-paced deadline-driven situations, mistakes can happen: employees can delete lines from their timecard, or worse, an entire batch can accidentally be cleared.

Enter the timecard safety net, silently capturing all items that are deleted from Timecard Entry batches, including, but not limited to portal timecard entries. In the event that anything happens to the information in a timecard entry batch, the safety net can be called up from the portal to restore the timecard data to an existing batch. The safety net will allow for entire batches, or specific lines from a batch to be restored.