In addition to our core modules, Keystyle also offers some powerful add-ons designed to solve specific business processes. All these solutions fit into the larger Keystyle portal framework and can be enabled at any time.

Timecard Safety Net

Accidentally clear your batch?

The loss of timecard data during payroll crunch-time can be devastating. In fast-paced deadline-driven situations, mistakes can happen: employees can delete lines from their timecard, or worse, an entire batch can accidentally be cleared.

Enter the timecard safety net, silently capturing all items that are deleted from Timecard Entry batches, including, but not limited to portal timecard entries. In the event that anything happens to the information in a timecard entry batch, the safety net can be called up from the portal to restore the timecard data to an existing batch. The safety net will allow for entire batches, or specific lines from a batch to be restored.

Field Management Connect

Push your Field Management (formerly MFM) data to Vista automatically and make approvals mobile

Combine the data from the back office and the field with Keystyle Connect. Keystyle Connect ensures that the data in Vista always syncs back to Field Work center regardless of where timecard entry and production entry originated. If the back office enters time and production in Vista, the hours and production quantities will flow back to Field Work Center and allow the field to run reports in Field Management that reflect actual numbers. This sync occurs on a regular basis and requires no imports or exports.

For Vista customers, flow can be used to initially backload all Vista data to Field Work center allowing Field Work Center reports to immediately be accurate and rich with data content. For more information: Download PDF

Field Management Flow

Combine the benefits of Keystyle with two-way Field Management/Vista integration

Bring Field Management approvals to the palm of your hand using Keystyle Flow. Keystyle flow uses includes all the features of Keystyle Connect and adds the ability to approve Field Management timecards and production in the Keystyle approval framework. Bring approvals to mobile and enjoy the offline connectivity of Field Management.

Onboarding / Applicant Tracking

Onboard Employees to Vista

Hiring and re-hiring has always meant repetitive wastes of paperwork and time. Onboarding online allows human resources and payroll to build electronic workflows for each step of the Onboarding process: I-9, W-4, self-identification, custom documents, videos, and custom-built web forms. Employees issued Onboarding invitations gain temporary access to the web portal and can complete their Onboarding process from any internet-enabled device. Administrators track employee progress within the portal, and completed Onboarding profiles automatically initialize HR Resource Master records and attach all documents directly to the record in Vista.


Submit, Approve, and Post Expenses Online

A pile of receipts and employees waiting on checks is daunting to say the least. Online expenses mean eliminating receipts, creating seamless database records, and no more employees wondering when they will be reimbursed! Submit Expenses online, code to Job or GL accounts, and attach photos of receipts directly from any device with a camera. Employees can view Expense approval status at any time or automatically print expense reports, including all attachments! Expenses automatically route to managers for approval. Administrators then review approved expenses and can post directly to a Payroll or Accounts Payable batch with a single click.